> KIER BAM JV invest in online fuel management system


Integrated Fuel Management

Kier BAM Joint Venture, appointed contractors to EDF Energy at Hinkley Point C nuclear power station have chosen Liquid Management Solutions Ltd (LMS) as their fuel management partner.

Following extensive discussions and in-depth business meetings to understand the key needs of the operation, Liquid Management Solutions designed a bespoke integrated fuel management system to accurately capture both inbound and outbound fuel activities.

Prime focus was applied to design a tailored bulk fuel storage facility with unsurpassed key environmental features on and above the Environment Agency regulations. Particular attention was provided in ensuring a safe system of fuelling was achieved on both the bulk fuel storage facility and the mobile fuel bowsers to be used across the site.

A key selection of specific features and considerations were applied to each large mobile fuel bowser to thoroughly improve the operators working domain.

Kier BAM JV will be provided ‘real-time’ visibility via Cactus Online, a web based fuel management system that will precisely capture all tanker deliveries and every litre being dispensed across each individual asset.

LMS will supply and install their proven RFID automatic vehicle recognition equipment to every asset requiring fuel to manage the substantial earthworks programme. The prime movers will have their engine hours automatically captured at the point of every fuelling to provide strong KPI information on fuel efficiency for the modern fleet.

‘I’m extremely pleased for all of the staff from both of our businesses that have put significant effort to design and deliver what we believe will be a showcase integrated fuel management system. Our core focus has been to encompass the highest standards in environmental, safety and fuel efficiency best practice’ said Kevin Taylor, Managing Director of Liquid Management Solutions Ltd.

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