eagle eye online tank gauging

Eagle Eye Online Tank Gauging

Eagle Eye Online Tank Gauging has been designed to provide our clients with real-time stock visibility using our simple and easy to use software, via a secure web browser.

We provide complete flexibility to allow clients the ability to add additional tanks or depots as and when they require, becoming a central business tool to visually assess product stock across multiple sites within the UK or even internationally.

Eagle Eye Online Tank Gauging provides accurate fluid control measurement within a tolerance range of +/- 0.25%. Our solutions can be tailored to manage multiple viscose fluids such as fuels, lubricants and AdBlue as an exmple through one web browser.

Our robust and reliable hardware is fully weatherproof manufactured to the International standard IP66 (Ingress Protection) which guarantees ruggedised solution against dust and water.

Eagle Eye Online Tank Gauging can also be supplied as part of an integrated fuel management solution with our Cactus Online Fuel Management. Speak to one of our advisors today to see how we can support your business needs.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Flexible “real-time” visibility to one or multiple tanks
    Cost Effective Scalable Solution
  • High Level / High Decibel Alarm
    Alerting the delivery driver of any impeding tank overfill situation
  • Optional Flashing LED Beacons
    Minimising the risk of a costly overfill / spillage issue
  • Optional Water & Temperature Measurement
    Ensuring quality product which has been delivered at the correct temperature
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