Armstrong Logistics Ltd

Hinckley, Leicestershire

Company Overview
Armstrong Logistics Ltd in association with Aldi Stores Limited has developed consolidated logistics centres in Hinckley, Lutterworth and Doncaster becoming Aldi’s approved logistics partner.

With three warehouses in striking distance of the key UK ports, the company moves goods into ALDI on a Day 1 for Day 2 order lead time, seven days a week.

The company operates a brand new fleet of various HGV’s to service the business needs ensuring fleet efficiency.

Business Objective
The company has witnessed positive progressive growth in developing their logistics centres to meet their client’s needs. Original bulk fuel storage and fuel management had not kept pace with the fleet developments.

Therefore Management recognised the need to obtain more in-depth and accurate analysis of the fleet performance to ensure they were delivering a cost effective service.
Having the ability to centralise fuel management information would be key along with ensuring drivers entered correct mileage information at the point of every fuelling.

The Solution
GPRS linked Eagle Eye on-line tank probes were supplied and fitted to each of the three interlinked bulk fuel storage tanks. Leading operational staff was provided remote real-time visibility through their web browser. Using our automatic vehicle recognition technology, both mobile fuel bowsers were fitted with individual fuel management terminals to securely capture each refuelling. The Refueller was provided with a robust RFID hand scanner to identify each asset fitted with a secure RFID transponder. Management information is fed back to the company at their required reporting frequency by LMS Client Services team.

Key Benefits

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