cactus online fuel management

Cactus Online Fuel Management

“A unique species of fuel management”

The word “cactus” derives, through Latin, from the Ancient Greek (kaktos), a name originally used for a highly secure spiny plant, showing many adaptations of excellent fluid conservation in some of the world’s most arduous environments.

Cactus Online Fuel Management has been designed and developed after listening closely to our clients current and future fuel management needs. Clients are provided complete flexibility when choosing to invest from our extensive range of web based fuel management solutions.

Our Cactus Online Fuel Management solution works brilliantly with ourĀ Automatic Vehicle Recognition (Fuel Nozzle or Hand-scanner), which is a significant move away from traditional manual key operated systems to make the fuelling process as secure as possible.


Alternatively you may wish to benefit from integrating a bespoke solution from our systems to suit your operational requirements.

Cactus Online Fuel Management utilises simple user friendly web based software to provide “real-time” visibility to your crucial fuel transactional data it takes place.

Clients can set up free multiple secure user profiles with predetermined access privileges to view or administer certain fields within the software.

All of your business critical fuel data can be easily accessed and reviewed from the comfort of your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Our unique systems can also be used individually or integrated to accurately monitor the delivery of many viscose products such as lubricants, AdBlue or LPG as an example.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Robust and reliable by design
    Maximising fuel security
  • Provides automatic data capture
    Eliminating incorrect manual entry
  • Scalable software solution
    Flexibility to add systems as you wish
  • True web based fuel management
    Immediate visibility to real-time data
  • Ability to manage other viscose products
    Centralised source for all management information



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