Budget Tank Gauging


Normond G Series Fuel Tank Gauge


The Normond G Series Hydrostatic Fuel Tank Gauge is often used as a commercial tank level indicator, as due to it being hand operated rather than powered, it can be used within hazardous settings.

The G Series Normand Gauges are the most accurate tank level gauge in the Normond range and are suitable for most liquids. Its robust weather resistant enclosure ensures reliability and consistency for many years of operation and requires little maintenance. These fuel tank gauges are ideal for tanks with difficult access and those up to 10m high.

Please note, no balance chamber or capillary is included. This will be specified on completion of an accurate tank questionnaire.

Key Benefits

  • Analogue tank level indicator
  • Robust weather resistant enclosure
  • 1″ and 1½” M BSP dual threaded
  • Pump up plunger
  • Suitable for diesel, kerosene and other fluids

From £349.00 ex. VAT

230V Tank Gauging Solution


Our budget entry tank gauging offers a continuous reading, digital tank level monitoring for use on tanks up to 4 metres high. The tank level gauge detects the static pressure generated by the fluid height using a flexible capillary which is inserted into the tank. Once calibrated using the tank measurements, these fuel tank gauges illustrate the level reading either in mm, litres or percentage depending on the user’s preference.

There is also an alert function which can be set by the user to warn of possible high and low level statuses. A 4-20ma model is also available for use with building management systems. These tank level gauges are also available in a version specifically for the use with AdBlue, and there is a kit available to make our standard unit compatible with oil.

Key Benefits

  • Digital tank level indicator
  • Tank probe with 10 metres capillary
  • ½” M BSP balance chamber fitting
  • Supplied with two relates for connection to other equipment
  • Suitable for diesel, kerosene and other fluids
  • Oil kit available to add to standard unit
  • Optional advanced software available 

From £344.00 ex. VAT

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