Automatic Vehicle Recognition

Automatic vehicle recognition (AVR) is the fourth generation of fuel management systems.

Anyone having had experiences of earlier generations of  key operated fuel management systems will know the issues faced when requesting drivers (or operators) to manually input key business information, such as odometer readings (or engine hours).

Our AVR solutions are operational across a varied range of fuelling applications including rail, logistics and operationally arduous environments such as mining and quarrying.

How does it work?

An AVR Receiver is installed within our fuel management terminal.

One or more wire free radio frequency identification readers are installed securely onto the fuel nozzle.

Each asset, vehicle or item of plant is installed with a radio frequency identification transponder around the fuel tank neck.

The nozzle is presented inside the fuel tank. The RFID transponder is recognised and fuelling can commence. If the nozzle is unlawfully removed from the tank the pump will cut off in seconds.

For mobile plant operations with larger fuelling receptors we use a similar RFID Hand Scanner to provide authorisation. Simple

Types of RFID Transponder

Passive – which securely identifies the vehicle or asset at the point of fuelling

Active – which automatically captures the odo or engine hour reading working in combination with a vehicle transmitter at the point of every fuelling

Both of these operational choices can be operated in combination on site.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Simple to use for the operator
    Minimising time spent fuelling
  • Automatic fuel authorisation
    Securely delivering every precious litre of fuel
  • No incorrect manual data input of odometer / hour readings
    Accurate business information
  • Robust and reliable components
    Proven for the most arduous environment
  • Easily installed to existing fuel pumps
    Maximising current equipment




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